What is it?

Stdio-Wcalc is the very simplified standard in/out interface to the wcalc routines. This interface allows the user to access the design and analysis of the various Wcalc supported structures from tools which are not able to directly link to Wcalc. For example, gawk can make use of Wcalc by opening a two way pipe to the stdio-wcalc binary.

Using Stdio-Wcalc


Currently available functions

You can view the man pages for the Stdio-Wcalc functions online:
air_coil_calc - Single layer air core solenoid inductor analysis
air_coil_syn - Single layer air core solenoid inductor synthesis
bars_calc - Self and mutual inductance of a pair of parallel rectangular bars
coax_calc - Coaxial transmission line analysis
coax_syn - Coaxial transmission line synthesis
coplanar_calc - Symmetric coplanar transmission line analysis
coplanar_syn - Single coplanar transmission line synthesis
coupled_microstrip_calc - Coupled microstrip transmission line analysis
coupled_microstrip_syn - Coupled microstrip transmission line synthesis
coupled_stripline_calc - Coupled stripline transmission line analysis
coupled_stripline_syn - Coupled stripline transmission line synthesis
ic_microstrip_calc - Integrated circuit microstrip transmission line analysis
ic_microstrip_syn - Integrated circuit microstrip transmission line synthesis
microstrip_calc - Symmetric microstrip transmission line analysis
microstrip_syn - Single microstrip transmission line synthesis
parallel_rc_p2s - Convert Parallel RC Network into Equivalent Series RC Network
parallel_rc_s2p - Convert Series RC Network into Equivalent Parallel RC Network
parallel_rl_p2s - Convert Parallel RL Network into Equivalent Series RL Network
parallel_rl_s2p - Convert Series RL Network into Equivalent Parallel RL Network
stripline_calc - Symmetric stripline transmission line analysis
stripline_syn - Symmetric stripline transmission line synthesis

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