Resistivities of Common Materials

Material Resistivity (Ohm-meter) Temperature (C) T.C.
Aluminum Al 2.62e-8 20 0.0039
Bismuth Bi 115e-8 20 0.004
Brass 66 Cu 34 Zn 3.9e-8 20 0.002
Copper Cu 1.72e-8 20 0.0039
Gold Au 2.44e-8 20 0.0034
Iron Fe 9.71e-8 20 0.0052-0.0062
Lead Pb 21.9e-8 20 0.004
Mercury Hg 95.8e-8 20 0.00089
Nichrome 65 Ni, 12 Cr, 23 Fe) 100e-8 20 0.00017
Nickel Ni 6.9e-8 20 0.0047
Platinum Pt 10.5e-8 20 0.003
Silver Ag 1.62e-8 20 0.0038
Steel 0.4-0.5 C, balance Fe 13-22e-8 20 0.003
Steel,manganese 13 Mn, 1C, 86 Fe 70e-8 20 0.001
Steel,stainless 0.1 C, 18 Cr, 8 Ni, balance Fe 90e-8 20
Tungsten W 5.48e-8 20 0.0045
Zinc 6.0e-8 20 0.0037

Disclaimer: While I have tried to ensure that the material property data contained here is accurate, I cannot guarantee its accuracy. In no event shall the provider of this information be held liable in the event of a mistake in the reported values.

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