Getting Help and Reporting Bugs

Bug Reporting

While I have tried my best to ensure that Wcalc is a high quality program, there are bound to be some bugs. I rely on you, the user, to help me out by reporting them. Please report all bugs on the Wcalc Sourceforge Project Page. Please be sure to include the following information in your bug report:

  • Wcalc version
  • Operating system
  • Operating system version
  • Compiler and version
  • How to reproduce the bug
  • Anything else that you feel may be relevant to the bug
In addition, it is useful to me to have a way of contacting you to try out a possible fix or if I need more information.

Reporting bugs on the Wcalc Sourceforge Project Page, causes them to go into a bug database ensuring that they don't get lost in all the spam which fills my inbox.

Please remember that this is a hobby project which I support in my limited free time. I may fix a bug right away, but sometimes other responsibilities take priority. I will eventually get to them though.

Mailing Lists and Other Support

The gEDA project maintains several mailing lists which are a good place to ask questions about Wcalc. Please put bug reports in the official database though or they are likely to get lost.

New Models

I am always interested in adding new models and improving the existing models. It is very helpful to me to have references for any new model suggestions. Researching the best models is often times the most difficult part of adding another model. You are much more likely to convince me to add a model if you can provide the reference and convince me that it is a good one.

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