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wcalc-1.1 released

This release contains the following improvements:

  • Added series/parallel RC network calculator.
  • Added series/parallel RL network calculator.
  • Added coplanar waveguide models.
  • Added coupled stripline model.
  • Added self and mutual inductance of parallel rectangular bars.
  • Added parallel/series RC equivalent network calculation.
  • Corrected some bugs in the Q calculation for air core inductors.
  • Corrected the calculation of incremental conductance for the microstrip model.
  • Corrected a bug in the calculation of conductor losses in the microstrip model.
  • Added/enabled code for calculating conductor losses in the coupled microstrip model.
  • Enabled printing under windows.
  • Switched to GPL licensing.

wcalc-1.0 released

This release contains a few minor bug fixes and improvements over version 0.9. In particular, the GTK frontend now uses a log window for warnings instead of a single dialog box per warning. The CGI frontend for coupled microstrip now does not generated lots of warning messages. Finally, win32 support is added and a build script is added to allow native windows installers to be generated.

wcalc-0.9 released

After 8 years in development and use among a fairly small group of people, I am pleased to announce that the first public release of wcalc is finally available. While wcalc is believed to be stable at this time, it has not received much field testing. Therefore I decided on calling this version 0.9. My intention is to collect feedback from users over the next few months and then make a 1.0 release after wcalc has seen some more widespread use.

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